Huckaback Towel (Pair)




Product Detail:

  • Choice of Bath towel or Hand towel
  • Sold in pairs
  • 100% pure Irish Linen
  • Woven and finished entirely in Ireland
  • Available in broken-white (ecru)
  • Traditional hemstitch finish detail
  • Complimentary shipping
  • Worldwide demand for our linen is high and your order is bespoke - allow 4-6 weeks.

Huckaback towels have been found in the grand country houses and hotels of Ireland and England for centuries. And are still found in the most discerning today. 

Made of pure 100% Irish linen, huckaback refers to a particular weaving technique creating a looser and uneven surface which allow the towels to absorb water faster, and to dry quickly. A very different weave from that used for our bedding. These towels offer a good grip, are sturdy and stimulate/exfoliate the skin leaving you revitalised and fresh - a spa feeling in your own bathroom. 

These towels will get softer with each laundering, become smoother to the touch with age and can be passed on to the younger generations as an heirloom. A wise and genteel investment.

Linen is naturally resistant to fungi, micro flora, mould and bacteria and therefore does not provide a friendly breeding ground for illness-causing pathogens. These towels can also be machine-washed at 90°C, may be boiled, dried in the sun and hot-ironed thereby ensuring maximum sterilization. A far healthier alternative to germ-breeding cotton. Read our health benefits blurb in Pillow Talk section. 

Being slim and lightweight, these towels are perfect for gym, travel, beach house and baby swaddling cloth.

Colour: broken white/ecru which will lighten with use. Traditionally hemstitched on both ends.  Available in two sizes - a generously large bath towel, and smaller hand towel which is perfect for your guest powder room. 

Sizing -

 Bath: 89 x 152cm 35 x 60"
Hand: 46 x 81cm 18 x 32"



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