This noble fabric is the preferred bedding of
 The Sultan of Brunei, the Imperial Court of Japan 
and Buckingham Palace. It is the epitome of luxury and good taste familiar to the cognoscenti and aristocracy for centuries. Although linen is manufactured in other parts of the world, the fineness of the woven cloth that is still achievable by Irish weavers and spinners today makes our bedding exceptional. These skills have been handed down from generation to generation and learned over many hundreds of years.


Our philosophy is that the simpler the design, the more exacting the craft. We eschew unnecessary swirls and flourishes in favour of a restrained simplicity that is elegant, appropriately traditional, timeless and loved by our discerning clientele.


The finely and evenly woven linen bedding is tensile strong and durable. It increases in strength when wet, allowing it to stand up to repeated laundering even at boil temperatures. While luxury cotton bedding usually lasts about three years before showing signs of wear and needing to be replaced at expense, our Irish linen is only starting to blossom. It gets softer with each laundering, becomes gossamer silky smooth to the touch and can be passed on to the younger generations as an heirloom.

A wise and genteel investment.

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