These few tenets to making a proper bed are echoed in the well-heeled homes and grand houses of Ireland.


  • Luxury bedding comes in one colour, and that’s white.

  • Luxury bedding is made of durable and healthier 100% pure linen, never cotton or silk.


  • A well-made bed is made using two flat sheets. One to cover the mattress, one to caress the sleeper.

    The fitted sheet is the most objectionable addition to luxury bedding for many decades and best to be avoided. It rarely fits the deeper modern mattresses and the elasticated corners soon perish losing grip.  Importantly, it cannot be rotated as a top sheet so that your luxury bedding gets balanced wear over their several decades of use.

  • As our linen duvet covers become increasingly popular, we still recommend a flat sheet between sleeper and duvet cover as the sheet can be refreshed more frequently.
  • A proper bed uses two types of pillow covering – the sham, and case: 

    The pillow sham is used for embellishment rather than sleeping. It serves a decorative purpose and adds a nice finishing touch to a well-made bed. The pillow case is the case that is actually slept on after the nice pillow shams are set aside each night. As these cases are used the most, they are refreshed several times a week for that delightful crisp and fresh feeling of Irish linen.

    Have a look at actress Julianne Moore's NYC loft where this combination is shown to perfection: http://thegloss.ie/2016/02/14479/


All very simple, appropriately traditional and beautiful.

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