Huckaback Appreciation.

francis-m-luxury-bedding-irish-linen-huckaback-appreciation-society-charterWe, the members of the curious Huckaback Appreciation Society, band together in our love and admiration of a mercurial towelling constructed of 100% finest linen known as the huckaback. We agree to uphold the unique, and very traditional, standards to which we have grown accustomed and believe to be the way forward in these modern times.

~ A towel which absorbs water faster than you can say Jeeves, A towel which promises to air-dry quickly, without the use of modern conveniences such as the hot-air dryer which is a drain on ones resources as well as on Mother Earth.  A towel which promises never to smell dank - something ill-considered by Mr. C in 1850 when he introduced the fluffy cotton towel ~ a haven for pathogenic bacteria, mould, fungi and virus...mmm, recall that whiff?  A towel which gently exfoliates the skin thus negating the need for expensive beauty products with microplastics which pollute our oceans and water resource.  A towel which will last for years and years, become a dear friend, and develop a beautiful lustre over time. A towel which is so efficient of space that it will travel with you easily on sojourn or a visit to the spa waters & gymnasium.

Our patron, the upstanding and staunchly traditional purveyor of Irish Linen, Francis M. will generously sponsor our annual supper club at Miss Leslie's castle where the roast beef and currant cake are said to be the finest on the Irish isle. We will be certain to stand and make a toast to all that is huckaback and sleep well knowing that our bathrooms are in good order. What was once old, is new again. We promise to inspire others, & bring this venerable amenity forward for the general betterment of all society.  copyright Francis M. 2017, on this chilly day the 22nd of October. { }


Improve With Age.

Before mass production of terrycloth towels by Henry Christy in 1850, quality towelling was made of pure linen. A different weaving technique to bed linen was used to create a textured finish resulting in fabric which absorbed water faster. They are called huckaback towels and are still found in the country houses of Ireland and England.

In this photograph, the towel underneath was woven just a number of years ago. It travels with me everywhere...gym, holidays, beach, weekend house party. Light to pack, dries very quickly, naturally anti-microbial and always smells fresh. And the textured weave is the perfect skin exfoliant when you are drying after a bath or shower. No beauty products and chemicals on your skin required.

The smaller huckaback towel came from my grandmothers linen press in Northern Ireland and most likely passed down to her which makes it over 100 years young. Still in use today - in fact, that silky smooth lustre of well-crafted linen just gets better with age and never falls victim to the fashion of trend du jour. Something to be said for buying better, buying less and owning things which last.



My morning luxury.

By a long mile, my simple morning coffee is a small luxury that delights more than most things.  A growing second is this old-school brand of shaving cream formulated in 1948 by Proraso with eucalyptus oil and menthol. The bath towel is in our quick-dry, antibacterial, textured huckaback linen just develops more character, softness and patina with many years of good use. Perfect for travelling, spa, and gym. 


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