Proud To Present.

Proud to present our Autumn/Winter 2017 luxury Irish linen bedding collection. It's the same as last year, and will be the same next year. And the year after that.

It is something we feel strongly about at Francis M. because ~ We now live in a throwaway society where goods are bought and disposed of at a faster and faster rate. A revolving world where new is fleeting until the next hot trend arrives. ~ We are inspired by a time when purchases were considered – often taking time to save up to buy them. A time where possessions were lovingly cherished and used for long periods of time. Items were maintained, sometimes mended, and passed on to younger generations where they carried soul and a story. ~ We maintain that certain things in life such as luxury bedding should be of the finest quality possible, classic in design, and crafted to endure. We are not about creating a mass-market product. But a commitment to the absolute best possible bed linen with an enviable legacy and whose unparalleled quality can stand the test of time.

We look forward to presenting our Spring/Summer 2018 collection.


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