C is for Claridge's.

Huckaback towels have been found in the grand country houses and hotels of Ireland and England for centuries. And are still found in the most discerning today.

Made of 100% linen, huckaback refers to a particular weaving technique creating an uneven surface which allow the towels to absorb water faster, and to dry quickly. A very different weave from that used for bed linens. These towels offer a good grip, are sturdy and stimulate/exfoliate the skin leaving you revitalised and fresh. And a far healthier alternative to germ-breeding cotton. Read our health benefits blurb under Pillow Talk section. 

The hand towel in the photograph is vintage. I met the man, long since gone, who deftly procured it and several others. He was incredibly wealthy and always stayed at Claridge's in London from the 1950s until as recent as 2005. He felt that every now and then a little something to bring home was deserved. Which is particularly amusing given that fact that he was so rich he could have bought the hotel lock, stock and hand towel. This towel is now several decades old, and aside from a little patina on the monogrammed C, it is gossamer soft, silky and in perfect nick.

Welcome to the world of the huckaback, and a hidden world of luxury.


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