There's nothing so easy to keep...

We stumbled across an unopened box containing a most exquisite Irish Linen damask tablecloth in pristine condition.  A wedding present to our parents some 50 years ago.  The box contained a charming little pamphlet with information which is as true today as it was then. It reads:  

"There's nothing so easy to keep so lovely as Pure Irish Linen.  The more it is used and laundered the lovelier Irish linen becomes.....and it lasts a lifetime! You can please yourself about the way you wash Irish Linen --- and the wonderful results will always please you. You can take good care of your Irish linen without fussing over it. Other fabrics have so many warnings and worrying 'do's and don'ts', but not Irish Linen. You can wash Irish Linen any way you like - by hand or in the washing machine, with plain soap and water or your favourite washing preparation".

More excerpts to follow.  



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